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<span class="Y2IQFc">Perle is a gold-plated silver necklace composed of small pearls and colored beads. Rosa Zacane loves pearls and chooses them with great care. You can wear the necklace alone or combine it with other necklaces you have.

Pearls are the only precious stones that grow inside a living organism.

Thousands of years ago, long before recorded history, the first men probably discovered the first pearl while searching for food on the seashore. The ancient Egyptians prized pearls so much that they had themselves buried with them. Cleopatra is said to have dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a bet with Mark Antony that she could consume the wealth of an entire country in a single meal.
In ancient Rome, pearls were considered the highest symbol of wealth and social position. The Greeks held pearls in high regard for both their unmatched beauty and their association with love and marriage.

More than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese believed that pearls had the power of eternal youth. Even these days, pearls are used in cosmetics and serums to prevent aging.
In the past, the pearl was not only highly valued but considered a healing amulet. The Greeks, for example, maintained that it served to strengthen cardiac activity. Likewise, it was used as an antidote, pulverizing it and mixing it with seawater to drink it. In the 17th century, some drugs prescribed by doctors of the time contained, among other elements, lemon juice and pearl powder.
Its curative value is supported by the belief that it facilitates cardiac function.

Zodiac. Gemini


-Pearls are organic gems and that is why they are more delicate than other pieces of jewelry. They can be damaged by rubbing or contact with chemicals.

    We should put the pearls on after the colognes or creams, so as not to apply these products on them.
    When storing them, they should not be in contact with harder parts such as glass, metal or stones. We can store them in an independent box with a soft cloth or in a jewelry box in a compartment for them.
    To remove traces of creams, sweat or colognes, they can be washed with a delicate soap and dried with a soft cloth that does not scratch or leave lint.

Don't hesitate to ask for information on Whatsapp if you don't know how to combine them or have any questions!</span>
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