necklace turmalina

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necklace turmalina

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In general, tourmaline is generally considered a protective stone against negative energies. On a physical level, it enhances the immune system.

Depending on the color of the tourmaline, the stone would have a different meaning:

- Pink tourmaline is associated with health and vitality, as well as calming energy. It is a wonderful stone to carry with you if you suffer from anxiety or stress.

- Sky blue tourmaline is associated with clairvoyance and is said to stimulate creativity and intelligence.

- Green tourmaline is associated with abundance and success. On a physical level, it would be beneficial for sleep.

- Black tourmaline is a powerful stone that protects against negative energies.</span>
<span class="Y2IQFc">-Necklace measurement: 38cm expandable up to 42cm

-Stone: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a type of mineral found in many parts of the world, tourmaline is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow. It is often found in volcanic rocks. Tourmaline is a mineral from the silicate group, which is found in many different places around the world. Tourmaline is found in many rock formations, including granites, slates, and pegmatites. Tourmaline is also found in metamorphic rocks such as gneiss. Tourmaline forms when other minerals in rock formations are crushed and heated. This causes liquid to form in the minerals and changes their chemical composition. The main tourmaline deposits are found in Brazil, East Africa, the United States, Mau Sri Lanka, and the best stones come from Madagascar.</span>

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