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<span class="Y2IQFc">Caeruleus is a gold-plated silver necklace composed of small Neo Appetite stones. Rosa Zacane loves all stones! He selects them with great care.


This stone belongs to the apatite family. They are available in different shades: blue, green, yellow... Blue and green apatites are the most common, while yellow ones are rare. It was in 1767, for the first time, that the naturalist Pedro Francisco Dávila spoke about apatite. He then describes it as "phosphoric stone." The name apatite derives from the Greek "apatan" which means "to deceive" as apatite may have once fascinated many people with deceptive sparkles due to its many colors and varieties. And this to the point of sowing doubt in their minds, leading them to confuse it with other very diverse gems and minerals.

The blue apatite stone has been located in several countries. The main deposits are located in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Portugal, France, and Pakistan.

The preferred chakras for apatite are the third eye chakra and the solar plexus chakra. The blue apatite stone also contributes to the balance of the 5th energy center, namely the throat chakra.

Blue apatite is the only mineral found in the human body with a core of apatite crystals in the pineal gland (or epiphysis) located in the brain between the two hemispheres. Apatite makes up 65% of our teeth and nails. It is a stone that has a great influence on our aqueous fluids. Furthermore, apatite is a stone related to water, an element that makes up 80% of our body. It should be noted that there are healing qualities common to all apatites on the one hand, and on the other hand, specific qualities of each color. To take full advantage of the benefits and other information that apatites will generously convey to you, wear this crystal as a bracelet, necklace, pendant, ring or earrings.

This blue apatite stone improves group communication. It makes it easier to express ourselves and verbalize our thoughts. It is a stone for the shy who lack self-confidence. Choose this apatite if you are a teacher, editor, publicist or actor... in all professions in which creativity predominates or when meditation is practiced.

Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo</span>
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