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Caerula is a gold plated silver necklace composed of small stones of lapis lazuli powder. Rosa Zacane loves all the stones! She selects them with great affection.


Lapis lazuli is an indigo-violet or bluish blue rock with small metallic inclusions of pyrite and whitish veins of calcite. Lapis lazuli deposits are found in Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, Angola, Burma, Canada, Pakistan and USA.

The term lapis lazuli comes from the Latin word "lapis" which means stone and from "lazuli" an Arabic word (allazjward) which means paradise, heaven or simply blue.

This since ancient times along with turquoise were the two most desired gems, hence many jewels that have come down to us have them.

Later, it was made in powder to be able to manufacture the intense blue color, so much Leonardo Da Vinci, Alberto Durero or Fra Angelico referred to it as blue gold, since it was quoted at the same price.

It is considered the stone of power and wisdom. In Egyptian mythology, lapis lazuli made it possible to connect with the gods. It was used to neutralize poisons. In meditation it facilitates the path of wisdom, connects us with our inner self and is ideal for meditation. It helps to open the third eye chakra.

Zodiac signs: Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra.

Dare to wear the Caerula necklace every day and combine it with all your necklaces for an ideal look. A MUST HAVE without a doubt.

Do not hesitate to ask for information by Whatsapp if you do not know how to combine them or have any doubts!

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